We’re throwing Saskatoon’s biggest lip-sync contest and we want you to hit the stage. Take the crowd in the palm of your hand and be the star of your own concert. We’ve got $1,000 that we’re giving to the performer that scores the most votes.

How do you get involved?

It’s simple! Click here to download the registration form or register online, pay the $50 registration fee and you’re in!

Remember: Be creative!

You’ll have to impress the crowd because they’ll be voting for a winner, and they’ll be able to buy extra votes for their faves. Break out the costumes, make-up, and big hair. You’ll have a theatre full of people cheering for you so give ‘em a show to remember.

What song do you pick?

The song you perform is up to you. Keep it clean – it’s a family show! You’re responsible for submitting your track to us when registering. We want to make sure that we have the right track… you know… the one you’ve been practicing to!

Finally… if you want to help your chances of winning, invite your friends and family to join us at the Broadway Theatre. After all, they can buy extra votes that could help put you in the lead! Tickets to be in the audience are available at and the Broadway Theatre Box Office.

If you have questions, give Josh a call at 306-382-7726. You can also send us an email –, or inbox us on Facebook.

Lip Sync Face-Off Registration

  • Upload the song you'll be using for your performance.
  • Group Performance Information

  • If you are registering a group, please list the first and last names of everyone that will be participating, including the team captain. A group can have a maximum of five members. Click the + sign to add more fields.
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  • Rules & Regulations

    1. Registration is open to the first 20 performer(s) that complete form and submit the $50 registration fee. Forms can be picked up and turned in at the Saskatchewan SPCA office (519 45th Street West, Saskatoon). Completed forms must be submitted by October 6, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. Registration can also be completed online by visiting 2. Teams can range in size from 1 to 5 people. All team member names must be included on the registration form. Only individuals listed on the registration form can perform. 3. Individuals can only compete in one act. 4. Teams may use props; these props must be included on the registration form to be approved by the Saskatchewan SPCA. Props not included on registration form cannot be used in the performance. Fog machines, bubble machines, fire, water, rice, and glitter are prohibited. Microphones will be provided. 5. Music must be submitted with registration form by October 6, 2017 at 4:30 p.m. to be approved by the Saskatchewan SPCA. Songs must be the clean version, no explicit versions will be accepted. Failure to submit music may result in the team’s registration being cancelled. Individuals and teams that are selected to participate will be notified by October 12, 2017. 6. The maximum time limit is four minutes per performance. After four minutes, the music will fade out. 7. The Saskatchewan SPCA reserves the right to cancel registration if the Society feels the act is inappropriate or offensive to others. If an offensive act is performed, the Saskatchewan SPCA reserves the right to terminate the performance and the act will be disqualified. Judging of Performances and Prize: 1. The winner of the Lip Sync Face Off will be determined by members of the audience. 2. Crowd members will have the opportunity to purchase votes prior to the start of performances. 3. Crowd members will have the opportunity to place voting ballots in the numbered container that corresponds with each performer. 4. Votes can be purchased until the end of intermission. 5. The performer with the most votes at the end of the evening will be declared the winner. All decisions are final. 6. A $1,000 CAD prize will be award to the performer(s) who secure the most votes by the end of the voting period.
  • Price: $ 50.00 CAD