Count The Cost – Hamster, Gerbil, Rat

To keep a domestic hamster / gerbil / rat the yearly cost will be approximately:

Bag of pellets every 2 mo. @ $10.00 $60.00
Fresh veggies and fruit every mo. @ $5.00 $60.00
Hay (Timothy) 2 bales @ $5.00 each $10.00
White wood shavings 5 bales @ $10.00 each $50.00
Annual veterinarian checkup $45.00
* please note that this is not the Adoption cost at an SPCA shelter, this is an approximate yearly cost of keeping the animal

One-time Costs:

Adoption of hamster / gerbil / rat (approx. only, check with your local shelter) at the SPCA $8.00
Cage $50.00
Care book $15.00
Dishes, water bottle $20.00
Misc. Brush, harness, leash $40.00
Total $133.00

These are average costs. It may cost more if you need to pay for someone to care for your hamster / gerbil / rat if you go on vacation, or your hamster / gerbil / rat needs special medical attention.


(Article courtesy of the BCSPCA. Please visit for further information.)

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