Who We Are

We’re all about the animals.

The Saskatchewan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Saskatchewan SPCA) is an animal welfare organization based in Saskatoon. Since 1928, we have been working to ensure that all animals are treated humanely.

When most people think of an SPCA, they may think of an animal shelter. The Saskatchewan SPCA is different. We do not operate a shelter. As the provincial voice on animal welfare, we help raise awareness of the human-animal bond and promote the humane treatment of animals.

How are we helping animals?

We are working to make a difference in your community through initiatives such as these:

Animal Rescue Registration and Certification Program

The Saskatchewan SPCA is partnering with representatives from shelters, rescues, the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan, and Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association to develop a voluntary registration and certification program for animal rescue groups. This registration and certification program is an important step in protecting the welfare of rescued animals. By becoming a certified rescue, the organization is demonstrating that they are working to provide the best possible care for animals.

Interpersonal Violence and Abuse and Animal Safekeeping Project

The Saskatchewan SPCA, STOPS to Violence, and Provincial Transition Houses and Services (PATHS) of Saskatchewan worked jointly on a research project to better understand how concerns for the safety of pets and livestock acts as a barrier to individuals leaving situations of interpersonal violence and abuse in Saskatchewan.  Read the full report.  We are exploring options to assist both the animal and the human victims of violence.

Animal Welfare Conference

The Saskatchewan SPCA hosts an annual educational conference in September. The 2017 conference focuses on The Link between animal abuse and domestic violence. Join us Sept. 21-22 in Regina.

The Stryker K-9 Care Fund

The Stryker K-9 Care Fund was established by the Saskatchewan SPCA to help owners with the cost of emergency and routine veterinary care for retired police dogs. The program is open to police dogs that have retired from active service with the RCMP or a municipal police force in Saskatchewan.

“Be a Tree” Dog Bite Prevention Program

St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program


Click here to read more about current Saskatchewan SPCA programs.

Our vision:

To ensure the humane treatment of animals.

Our mission:

To be the provincial voice on animal welfare.

Our guiding principles:

The Saskatchewan SPCA …

  • Accepts the use of animals by humans
  • Generates public awareness to prevent animal suffering
  • Promotes the mutually beneficial relationship between animals and humans
  • Believes that animal welfare should be considered in terms of the Five Freedoms
  • Takes a collaborative approach to achieve its mission and vision
  • Is a transparent organization that is respected for its innovation, integrity, and passion.

An animal welfare organization

The Saskatchewan SPCA defines animal welfare as the maintenance of appropriate standards of accommodation, feeding, and general care; the prevention and treatment of disease; and the assurance of freedom from harassment and unnecessary discomfort and pain.

The Saskatchewan SPCA recognizes that animals will continue to be kept for companionship, agricultural, research, and entertainment purposes. Our purpose is to protect animals, prevent cruelty to animals, and relieve their suffering. We believe that people do not have the right to exploit or abuse animals.

We operate with the generous support of our members, donors, and volunteers.

Our logo

Saskatchewan SPCA logo




The Saskatchewan SPCA logo was redesigned in 2010. The logo features images of both pets and livestock framed within a symbolic shelter. The five sides of the shelter represent the Five Freedoms.